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A voice to be reckoned with. Both soft and formidable at the same time. Chelsea's range was already large, but with her work with her voice coach, the sky is the limit. While she may be new to the game, take a chance on an emerging talent. 

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Chelsea Voice-Over Actor

About the Voice!

With a warm and approachable voice Chelsea Simpson has been a successful trainer in the corporate world, a leader of people and now a Voice Over artist. This dynamo has an authoritative tone honed by repeatedly saying, “You are under arrest for shoplifting”...that’s right, she arrested shoplifters for retail stores. Then there is the loud commanding voice from ump’ing softball games…STRIKE, FOUL BALL! .  And the grandest of all: Her mom voice!

Chelsea is an experienced and successful online trainer and leader. E-learning is her passion as she loves making learning fun! Many attendees have said, “very entertaining and interesting all at the same time…I paid attention to the whole webinar instead of doing other work while listening, learning lots!”

She is also a HAM Amateur Radio Operator meaning she is obsessed with sound quality, and her sound booth reflects this. The handbuilt booth was a labour of love spiced with knowledge of sound waves. Please check out her booth in the blog. 


Chelsea is a Freq about anything she is creating and aspires for perfection no matter the project. She is also a Freq of nature…how often do you get to work with someone who is extremely professional while sprinkling laughter, belly chuckles and sometimes snorts?  


If you have a project that needs a voice, please contact me here

73, VA7SSP aka Chelsea Simpon, your Voice Freq


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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